Zelda Ocarina Of Time: Hackers Unlock The Code Of The Nintendo Masterpiece

A collective of hackers and amateur programmers claims to have managed to unlock the entire code of the original version of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, the masterpiece for Nintendo 64 launched by the home in Kyoto

The hackers gathered under the – not too inspired – flag of the Zelda Reverse Engineering Team claims to have decoded every single line of Zelda OoT code and, above all, to have succeeded without tripping into the same mistakes committed by the you

As pointed out by VGC editors, the approach adopted by ZRET collective would be perfectly linked as the fans involved in the project did not use any kind of content of the leaked code online. To achieve this result, the team has instead used the official development tools and exploited modern programming languages to unlock the entire code of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Moreover, ZRET reports that it has not used any copyrighted official resource, such as graphics or audio files.

The decompilation of Zelda OoT’s code could therefore be “attorney-proof”: in that case, the consequences of this reverse engineering would be really enormous. Once decompiled, Zelda Ocarina of Time’s code can be used to create ad hoc PC portings that do not need emulators: it would be real video games in itself, with possibility

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