Zelda Breath Of The Wild: Hyrule Is Even More Majestic With The Mod Ultrawide

The tireless scene of Zelda Breath of the Wild’s modders publishes a new fan made expansion that promises to make the exploration of the Kingdom of Hyrule even more immersive with a Graphic Pack that improves the

From the Reddit columns, the user known as Crementif illustrates the numerous interventions made with this important graphic and performance update for the Wii U version performed on PC with the CEMU emulator, the same used by the author of the 8K video

The latest Zelda Breath of the Wild Graphic Pack provides dozens of correctives and changes the interface management system to ensure full compatibility with hardware configurations with 16:9 monitors. The wide diagonal offered by Ultrawide screens gives an unprecedented view of the scenarios of Hyrule and makes, if possible, even deeper and stratified strategies to be implemented to solve the environmental puzzles, face enemies in combat or even just

Note – The news is reported for the duty of reporting and for the sole purpose of illustrating technical advances in the field of videogaming and does not want in any way to incite or favor piracy, a practice that the editorial staff of Everyeye.

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