Zelda Botw Game More Beautiful Than Ever: Miyamoto Thanks Japanese Fans

A survey by Japanese TV Asashi revealed that Zelda Breath of the Wild is the most beautiful game ever for the Japanese people. Link’s great adventure was the most voted by over 50,000 players who participated in the initiative.

In general, however, the Top 100 emerged from Asashi’s survey saw a substantial presence of Nintendo in the whole ranking scattered: 40, in fact, the titles of the Grand N selected by the enthusiasts. For this reason Shigeru Miyamoto, one of Nintendo’s most outstanding figures, personally wanted to thank all those who gave their preference to the titles produced by the home in Kyoto in the course of its history.

“Thank you for voting so many Nintendo games in the ‘Video Game General Election’ aired last night. It was the chance to look back at almost 40 years of developed video games. I will continue to make games to give new experiences for everyone,” Miyamoto writes to the players who, with their votes, have shown great love for the brand Nintendo.

In fact, only in the Top 10 there is not only Breath of the Wild: there are spaces for titles such as Animal Crossing New Horizons (fourth), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (seventh) and the historian Super Mario B And in the meantime that Nintendo celebrates, many wonder if the highly anticipated Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 will arrive in December 2022, as reported by the most recent rumors.

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