Xbox Turns 20: Not Only Sony, Kfc Also Congratulates Microsoft

During the celebration event for the 20th anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft’s entire gaming division celebrated the important milestone, with a pleasant event that confirmed the surprise launch of Halo’s Beta multiplayer: Infinite.

At the end of the live show, Sony also congratulated Xbox, but the Japanese gaming giant was not the only one to wish the galaxy a green crusade. KFC has now decided to add to the choir of compliments to Microsoft. Since the ever-funny Twitter account of the “gaming division” of the fast food chain, a message has come to Xbox.

As you can check at the bottom of this news, the tweet has chosen to celebrate Xbox with the meme “Wholesome 100” in key TES V: Skyrim. A choice that is most appropriate, for at least two different reasons: the recent re-edition of the game through the proposal of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and the confirmation by Phil Spencer that The Elder Scrolls

We are reluctant to point out that there is no update on the date of release of the revolutionary KFC Console, the real next gen that supports the 4K and 120 fps also the possibility of cooking fried chicken.

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