Xbox: Spencer Worried About The Impact Of Companies That Know Little About Gaming On The Market

In addition to declaring that he wants to bring back the old Activision IP, Phil Spencer discussed the possible impact that companies that have recently seen in the gaming world could have over the next few years.

In a recent interview published by the Washington Post, Microsoft Gaming’s leader admitted to seeing tech industry giants like Facebook or Amazon under a different lens than Sony and Nintendo, who for several years have contributed to building the

“They have a long history in video games, Nintendo will do nothing to harm them in the long run because it’s their business. Sony’s got the same speech, and I trust them, same as Valve. When we look at other great tech competitors of Microsoft: Google is in the research industry and has Chrome, Amazon has online shopping, Facebook has social, all these consumer activities on a large scale. As these aspects are important to other companies for the number of users they manage to reach, so it can be gaming for us.”

Spencer has then deepened the role that Microsoft is assuming in recent years and how the company has managed to age the classic strategy within the videogaming segment, historically linked to double-track with the specific gaming platforms.

“I think we have a unique point of view, which is not about how everything has to work on a single device or platform. This was the real turning point for us, which we consider games as an opportunity for consumers who could affect Microsoft as these other large-scale consumer activities do for other major technological competitors. And it was great to see the support we received from the company and the board of directors.”

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