Xbox Series X/S: There Is A Phil Spencer Message In The Controller For The 20 Years Of Xbox

In previewing the images of the special controller for the 20 years of Xbox, journalist Tom Warren of The Verge discovered that the pad “hidden” a famous phrase by Phil Spencer with the signature of the boss of the video division

In the shots shown by the editor of The Verge it is more in fact noticed how the plastic door that covers the battery pack goes inside the phrase “When everyone plays, we all win” pronounced by Phil Spencer to synthesize Always at the phrase “when everyone plays, we all win” of the Xbox boss we can re-engage Microsoft’s efforts in the constant search for methods to make video game enthusiasts more accessible all products, services and features of the X ecosystem

The strategy outlined by Spencer is bearing fruit, considering the quality of crossgen projects of Xbox Game Studios such as Psychonauts 2 and Force Horizon 5, the ‘total’ backcompatibility of Xbox Series X/S, the

Before leaving you to comments, please note that the Xbox Series X/S controller celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox consoles will be available from November 15 at the recommended price of 64.99 euros, but with preorders that have led to the sold

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