Xbox Series X/S, The Retrogaming Pack Is Over: Emulators Block Dev Mode

According to the famous youtuber Modern Vintage Gamer and several other users deol forum of GBATemp, Microsoft would send them an email announcing the blocking of Xbox Series X/S Developers Mode used to access the

Judging by what Modern Vintage Gamer shared with the publication of the excerpts from the email sent to him from Redmond’s home, the Xbox Series X/S Dev Mode block would be due to improper use of the service to access only and

Disabling the developer mode of the Xbox Series X/S family, as a result, would be happening selectively, involving only those who decide to use Dev Mode for the sole purpose of installing software that can emulate the

These users would be “inactive” on the servers of Microsoft Partner Center, and therefore easily traceable from Redmond’s home among those who set their own console in Dev Mode without using it as a devkit to develop video games or

Since the launch, the latest Microsoft consoles have proven to be real “technological monsters” for retrogaming sufferers: it’s no coincidence that many, using Dev Mode, have transformed their Xbox Series S into a powerful

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