Xbox Series X/S: Fps Boost Coming For More Games? Jason Ronald Talks About It

In the last interview given by Jason Ronald at, the exponent of the design team that gave shape to the hardware and software architecture of Xbox Series X/S has reiterated a concept expressed already at the end 2021

Ronald preferred not to provide further information on the upcoming retro-compatible video games that will benefit from FPS Boost, but he still took the opportunity to confirm Redmond’s commitment to this important exclusive feature of the consoles

According to the designer of the two latest generation systems of Microsoft, in fact, “one of the challenges we face when we dedicate ourselves to this kind of improvements is the impossibility to modify the code of the original games. It is therefore up to us to identify and develop new techniques to optimize video games of the past, and we know that these techniques do not work on all games. FPS Boost is one of our features, it is a fitting example of the commitment we are pursuing by trying somehow to ‘deceive games’ by running a framerate much higher than the one set by their respective developers.”

Again with regard to the operation of FPS Boost of Xbox Series X/S and the possible arrival of new titles that are “with turbo,” Ronald recalls the concepts just expressed and explains that “it is one of the challenges we are carrying out, In many games it works wonderfully, but there have been cases where FPS Boost seems to work perfectly until a bug emerges. Many times we try to find solutions but we treat every game as a sort of black box, we cannot intervene on the code of the titles retrocompatible.”

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