Xbox Series X/S At More Than 12 Million Units Distributed According To Daniel Ahmad

Phil Spencer said that Xbox Series X/S is selling more than any other Xbox console in the first year, obviously without providing any precise numbers about it. Spencer’s statement turned on the souls of analysts and insiders who immediately got to work to try and figure out how much they actually sold Xbox Series X/S.

Niko Partners analyst reports that according to the data in his possession Xbox Series X/S (consoles are considered part of a single family) he has reached and exceeded the 12 million units distributed since the launch in November 2020.

Numbers not too far from those of PS5 with 13.4 million consoles distributed in September 2021, however it is difficult to understand how many units were actually sold and Ahmad’s are only data based on forecasts and personal sources but have not been confirmed by Microsoft.

Probably launching two different models helped sales, better positioning the brand in the various market segments. Ahmad points out that Xbox One had also sold around 12 million consoles in the first year, while Xbox 360 had stopped at 10.4 million, Xbox Series X/S in any case “over 12 million distributed” reaching a figure at the time

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