Xbox Series X/S And Backcompatibility: New In The Coming? Several X360 Games Are Updated

With the growing expectation of Xbox Xbox Anniversary Celebration fans, the ResetEra community is questioning the latest round of updates that is affecting back-compatible versions of Xbox games in these hours.

As noted by popular video gaming forum attenders, several Xbox 360 video games are receiving an update for their back compatibility versions on Xbox Series X/S. The list of interested games includes great classics of the Bethesda offer as Fallo

Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas


Fable Anniversary

Dead Space

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age 2

Dead Space 3

Fable 3

Once the update has been installed, there seems to be no difference or new features related to the use of the titles in question: according to some users of ResetEra it could be a mere cumulative update of the previous licenses of use of the old X360 games, while others

Does the update of the X360 titles fall within Microsoft’s surprises for the Xbox Anniversary Celebration? In that case, we will understand what is boiling in pot from the Redmond side admiring the show that will be streaming from 19:00 Italian Monday 15 November and that, of course, we will follow live to provide you with the full report of the news and

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