Xbox Series X Purchased From A Mom, But Swap The Console With The Mini-Fridge

Eventually, it happened: a mother tried to give her son a welcome gift on the occasion of the Christmas holidays and went to the store to buy an Xbox Series X, but she exchanged the next-gen console with the mini

The funny story was reported on the pages of the NeoGaf forum, where we read of a poor mother who had been convinced that she had managed, for a stroke of luck, to find an Xbox Series X available on the shelves of the store. We know very well how the console, exactly as it happens in the case of PlayStation 5, is the victim of a serious shortage of stocks due to the semiconductor crisis, and being able to come across a piece available seemed far too good to be true.

In fact, the son who should have received the next-gen console as a gift quickly realized the naive mistake made by his mother, who took home the mini-fridge of Xbox Series X, to which Microsoft has

It should be said that the packaging of the mini-fridge of Xbox Series X is affixed to a letter that clearly specifies the nature of the product, but it is evident how Microsoft’s finding can also confuse consumers. Ironic, finally, to think that even the mini-fridge of Xbox Series X has gone to meet the sold-out, also because of the usual scalps that at the exit have sold the product at twice or triple its price of the

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