Xbox Series X, Problems With The Blu-Ray Player:’Read Only 30-40% Of 4K Discs’

Xbox Series X owners gathered on reddit pages to report some technical problems with the console’s Blu-Ray player. Although the unit is perfectly capable of reading 4K discs on paper, it seems to be able to play “only 30-40%” of the Blu-Ray in circulation.

According to complaints, the Blu-ray drive can take “minutes” to load a 10 second opening sequence and often it happens that a 100 GB triple layer Blu-ray disc loads a 4K film without audio and with only one Hence the inevitably compromised vision, with the consequent frustration of users.

“Microsoft likes to highlight the Blu-ray Ultra HD playback on the console package, but currently is able to read about 30-40% of 4K disks,” says an Xbox Series X owner on reddit. Of course, this could be a risky and approximate indication, but the many reports suggest that the problem is real and concrete.

It also seems that the playback of Blu-Ray can make Xbox Series X particularly noisy while watching movies, although some have overcome the problem by simply placing the console horizontally.

It is currently unclear whether and how Microsoft intends to act to improve the situation. In the previous months, Redmond’s team mobilized to solve the black problem of the Blu-Ray player.

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