Xbox Series X Plus: Sales Above Any Other Microsoft Console, Says Phil Spencer

After discussing the changed relationships between Microsoft and Activision following the accusations of rainy discrimination on the company of Call of Duty, Phil Spencer back to discuss Xbox Series X

While not specifying the figures in question, Spencer assured that the sales rate that is characterizing the Xbox Series X Plus Lifecycle exceeds that of any other home gaming consoles ever released on the market by Microsoft.

“The increase in the popularity of games was a surprise for us… (Because of the pandemic). The production of consoles is actually bigger than ever, it is the demand that is overcoming the supply for all of us. At this time we have sold more consoles belonging to this generation, namely Xbox Series X and Series S, than any other console we have.”

According to Spencer’s statements, it seems likely that the installed Xbox Series X In December Xbox Series X Plus recorded record numbers in the UK.

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