Xbox Series X Plus: Christmas Record In Uk, December Is The Best Month Ever

While PlayStation 5 has largely passed Xbox Series X Plus in India, it seems that the two latest-generation Microsoft consoles have defended themselves very well in the UK during the last Christmas holidays.

This is what emerges thanks to a recent tweet published by Christopher Dring, the boss of the Gamesindustry portal, known to the public for his insights into the evolution of the gaming market. According to Dring, December 2021 was the best ever since the launch of Redmond’s giant, at least as far as the British territory is concerned. This means that last month in the UK more Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were sold than those arrived in English homes in the month of debut on the market. This is an interesting result and shows how the audience is increasingly attracted to Microsoft gaming machines, probably also thanks to the Xbox Game Pass catalogue, which is increasingly full of games.

In this regard, we remind you that just a few days ago it was confirmed by Ubisoft that Rainbow Six Extraction will be on Xbox Game Pass since day one and can be played by both PC subscribers and console subscribers.

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