Xbox Series X Plus And One, What Do Users Want? The Most Requested Features And Improvements

They have a lot to be proud of at Microsoft:Xbox Series X and S are selling faster than any other Xbox despite the semiconductor crisis, and the service offering has never been as varied and solid as it is now. Not everything is perfect anyway, and the room for improvement is not lacking at all.

The Xbox ecosystem still needs some improvement, so at the end of last year in Jez Corden Windows Central came the brilliant idea of asking players directly what adjustments and features they want most. Over the course of these weeks, over 1,000 users have responded, a sample certainly not very large, but nevertheless consistent and fished within a community of passionate degrees.

Corden has thus discovered that the most consistent slice of the cake, corresponding to 17%, wants improvements to video recording and capture features of the screenshots. There is a 16% complaint about operating system problems and 14%, which is hoped for in greater support for Japanese studies. There are very few players interested in VR, a sector in which competition is aiming a lot.

17% – DVR Game Problems

16% – Xbox OS problems

14% – Support for Japanese developers

12% – Improvements to the first party games

8% – Improvements to the Acchievement system

6% – Other

6% – Localization problems

5% – Family Plan for Xbox Game Pass

4% – Problems at the Xbox App

2% – Cross-play problems

2% – Improvements to the quality of the backcompatibility on Xbox Series S

2% – Virtual Reality (VR)

2% – Complaints about marketing quality

Last November Microsoft assured itself that it was working on improving Xbox DVR, and also doesn’t seem to want to slow down with updates to the operating system. It is also clear that relations with Japanese companies have been strengthened, which has helped Xbox Series X Now the ball passes to you: what are the fields where Microsoft absolutely needs to improve? We await your comments. Find the detailed survey analysis at the link attached at the bottom.

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