Xbox Series X Plus And One: Battlefield 2042 Among The Free Games For The Weekend

If you are unsure what to play on your Xbox over the next weekend, know that Microsoft has just announced what titles Live Gold users will be able to download at no extra cost for a handful of days thanks to Free Play Days.

The so-called “Free Game Days” will guarantee all users with an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold or to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that they can download The Sinking City, Battlefield 2042 and Star Renegades for free until next During this period it will also be possible to purchase some of the products that are part of the initiative at a high discount.

Here is the complete list of games currently on offer:

The Sinking City discount for 9.99 euros

Battlefield 2042 (Xbox One) discount at 46,89 euros

Battlefield 2042 Cross-gen Bundle (Xbox One and Series X Plus) at a discount of 59.99 euros

Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition (Xbox One and Series X Plus) at a discount of 79.99 euros

Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition (Xbox One and Series X Plus) at a discount of 99,59 euros

It should be stated that as usual, anyone who decides to download the free version of the game will be able to maintain all the progress recorded during the test. Once you have purchased the full version of the title, you will be able to restore the saves and continue playing exactly where you stopped the game at the end of Free Play Days.

Did you know that Microsoft recently denied some rumors confirming that Xbox Series X”s Developers mode will not be deleted?

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