Xbox, Phil Spencer On Nft Games: ‘They Seem More Made To Exploit Than To Entertain’

Despite the explosion of the NFT phenomenon, there does not seem to be room for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the future of Xbox Series X/S, or at least this is the impression that it is derived from reading the latest statements shared by journalists

During the interview given by Spencer on the margins of the celebrations for the 20 years of Xbox, Microsoft’s largest exponent of the videogaming division expressed all his concerns about the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in gaming by arguing

In expressing his scepticism about entertainment products that adopt systems such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Spencer points out the concept by stressing that “I don’t think it’s necessary that any game involved should use NFTs in an instrumental way, I We are at the beginning of this path you can see many things that we would not like to see in our store. I also think that we will act if we see products that take this kind of exploitation-based approach in our ecosystem. We don’t want that kind of content.”

Still on the subject of Xbox Series X/S and the future of the ecosystem of green crossed platforms, Spencer has confirmed in recent days the exclusive Xbox of The Elder Scrolls 6 as Starfield.

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