Xbox, No More Retro-Compatible Games: Phil Spencer Would Like Legal Emulation

As you know, after the last wave of 76 games there will be no other titles to become backcompatible on Xbox due to technical constraints and licenses. However, in order to preserve as many software as possible, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer offers a possible solution.

Interviewed by Axios, the leader of the Xbox division called for a legal emulation to be brought into the gaming industry, which would finally solve the problem of safeguarding older games. To date, getting an agreement with developers and publishers, and also being able to overcome any technical obstacles, has been indispensable to bring many titles on Xbox Series X Plus in a back-compatible version. Spencer suggests a solution that would undoubtedly make it easier for players to find their favorite titles, even many years after they were released.

“My hope (and I think I have to describe it this way for the time being) is that as an industry we will work on legal emulation that allows modern hardware to run any (within reasonable limits) software previously published, and allow everyone to play in any title. I think, in the end, if we were to say, ‘Hey, anyone should be able to buy any game, or own any product and keep playing it’, it would sound like some sort of Polar Star for us as industry.”

Spencer also spoke about the NFTs, describing them as a way to exploit more than entertain.

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