Xbox: Microsoft Works To Make Games Work Even With Low Cmos Battery

The death of CMOS, the battery that regulates the internal clock of consoles, is a problem that is being increasingly taken into consideration by the giants of industry, to prevent in the future the games both physical and digital can become unusable on the

With the new firmware, PS4 on disk games also work with low battery, while it turns out that PS5 can also read games with low CMOS battery, with the exception of the titles redeemed via the PlayStation Plus. It seems that Microsoft is also thinking of ideas to prevent it becoming impossible to play on Xbox consoles in the future after the CMOS has run out. In the case of Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, the main problem in this respect is that, in case of battery consumption, consoles require authentication from Microsoft’s online servers to continue to work: this means that, if ever in

Speaking to the microphones of Axios, the head of the Xbox Phil Spencer division touched on the topic confirming not only that the hardware team is already aware of the fact, but also that you are already working to find solutions as soon as possible, so as to ensure It is not clear at the moment how Xbox intends to address the problem, but a solution could come very soon.

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