Xbox: How Are Players’ Data Collected? Phil Spencer Explains

With the online component that has been playing a central role for years in the video gaming industry, collecting user data becomes crucial for developers to understand how to direct their online offering, what kind of games to develop and what updates or content to prepare.

You know that Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, who in an interview with the New York Times discussed the issue explaining how Microsoft is very transparent about its strategy: by enrolling and connecting for the first time to Xbox’s online services,

“Our third-party partners who produce content on our platforms want to know many aspects of players: what kind of experiences are people having with their games? How far did they go in the games? Did they already have previous versions of these titles? All this is therefore a creative and business process that allows our partners to have more knowledge about the users they play,” explains Spencer.

The Xbox boss also explains all the possibilities offered by parental control, which allows parents to supervise their children from a distance and protect them from any risk online: “You can control everything with your smartphone and receive data This is extremely important.”

In addition, Phil Spencer is very hard against toxic players, and explains that anyone can report the incorrect behaviors kept by other users on the net: “There is the ‘To signal a user’ state right on the user interface, so if our monitoring tools behind We have a large specific team to deal with these aspects.”

In the meantime, Microsoft’s next-gen platform numbers are growing: Xbox Series X/S is at over 12 million units distributed, at least according to analyst Daniel Ahmad.

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