Xbox Game Studios: Microsoft Has Increased From 6 To 32 Subsidiaries In 5 Years

Reflecting on Microsoft’s epochal tsunami buying Activision Blizzard, analyst Benji-Sales ideally rewinded the tape of memories to sum up Microsoft’s huge investments in the past five years to expand

Since the official launch of Xbox Game Pass in June 2017, the Xbox Game Studios family has welcomed many new members, becoming a real creative and productive hub composed of dozens of realities interconnected with different “grades of independence” (just

The strategy pursued by Microsoft thus leads Benji-Sales to remember that only five years ago the videogaming division of Redmond’s house could count on a rose of just six subsidiaries (in this case 343 Industries, The Coalition, RARE, Mo Once finalized, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard will transform Microsoft into a real “video-gaming monster” with 32 internal development houses, merit of the integration of consolidated realities such as Treyarch, Raven Software, Sledgeha

Just take a look at the list of first party studies in Xbox after acquiring Activision to get an idea of Microsoft’s “firepower” in the field of first-party titles and, with it, experiences

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