Xbox Game Studios: After Psychonauts 2, Double Fine Works On Multiple Parallel Video Games

After celebrating the GOTY of Psychonauts 2 at the Titanium Awards 2021, Double Fine’s representatives confirm that the Californian subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios is currently engaged in the parallel development of several video games.

With a message published on the crowdfunding platform and addressed to all fans who funded Psychonauts 2 before the marriage between Double Fine and Microsoft, the team headed by Tim Schafer explains that “the

Similarly to what Raz fans have proposed, even for these new video games the digital forges of San Francisco will live up to their philosophy and reaffirm that “here in Double Fine we always like to experience new things. Every game we are developing will give us the opportunity to explore even more original ideas, with formulas that will allow us to embrace unique visual styles, new gameplay and new emotions.”

In September this year, Schafer himself felt it was right to turn off enthusiasm for Psychonauts 3, reaffirming the intention of the authors of Double Fine to move away from their historical IP to explore new territories with completely ine projects.

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