Xbox Game Pass: Why The Name Change On Pc? Answer Microsoft

As we know, Xbox Game Pass on PC has changed its name for a few weeks now, becoming PC Game Pass. The substance of the service does not change, however many have found this change curious and wondered why the decision.

To answer the question was Jason Beaumont of Microsoft during an interview with ROG Global, and the explanation is much simpler than you can imagine: not to create confusion. As explained by Beaumont, the original name, Xbox Game Pass for PC, seemed to delude users by making them believe that to use the service it was still necessary to own an Xbox. But for the rest, nothing changes.

“There’s always the same catalog of games,” says Beaumont adding that “we have always called it the PC Game Pass internally until someone finally suggested calling it that for everyone.” Nothing particularly strange or complex behind Microsoft’s move, therefore: it was simply wanted to make it perfectly clear to anyone that the Game Pass also includes PC games and that it too is regularly updated with new titles exactly as it happens on Xbox.

While remaining on the subject, we remember that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been coming Xbox Game Pass since January 2022, along with other titles such as Spelunky 2 and Outer Wilds.

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