Xbox Game Pass: Three Months To One Euro, Microsoft Offer Back For Christmas

At Christmas we are all better and in view of the end of the year Microsoft renews the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate promotion to a euro, even more advantageous in the case of Xbox Game Pass PC since with a new subscription you will get three months to a

You can activate Xbox Game Pass for one euro from the Xbox website by choosing between Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for one euro for thirty days or Xbox Game Pass PC for one euro for 90 days, in this case in fact in addition to the month at The Xbox Game Pass Standard subscription for consoles is not discounted and costs 9.99 euros per month.

Both Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass include your EA Play subscription that will allow you to access the games of the Electronic Arts catalog and exclusive rewards, Game Pass Ultimate also includes Xbox LIVE Gold to play

The promotion is only active for a limited period of time, a good opportunity to enter the world Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC at a really low price.

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