Xbox Game Pass: New Version Of The Xbox App On Pc For Insider Users Available

The platform optimization work on which the Xbox Game Pass bases are based continues seamlessly, particularly on the PC front. Microsoft has published today a new version of the Xbox App reserved for Xbox Insider users, with many new features.

The latest update of the Xbox PC App reserved for Xbox Insider program subscribers brings in dowry the new advanced features for the installation and management of the games available on the PC Game Pass. With this version, features will be enabled as default settings and will allow players to select their preferred installation path, access their installation folders and edit games. The games already installed that will be eligible can be updated to use all new features simply by browsing the dedicated pages and selecting the “manage” option.

The new version will then solve some of the problems that afflict the application: in particular, compatibility issues with Gears 5 and Slay the Spire have been solved and, above all, bugs related to advanced installation features have been solved. Meanwhile, on the cloud front, Microsoft has implemented touch controls for 10 more games.

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