Xbox Game Pass: ‘I Don’t Want All Users To Become Subscribers’, Says Phil Spencer

After considering the separation of Bungie from Microsoft and expressing his concerns about blockchain-based NFT games, Phil Spencer intervened to EDGE’s microphones to provide further clarification on the medium- to long-term strategy implemented by the home of

Microsoft’s top video game division leader debuts in his speech by stating that “Game Pass is not the only goal of our strategy. We run a platform that revolves around multiple factors, so I don’t want all players in the Xbox ecosystem to be subscribers to the Game Pass in the future. I want people to always have the opportunity to make their choices. Just as it happens today, in the future some will want to continue to buy the games we distribute and create their own library, others will want to access it only through the Game Pass.”

In the same interview, Spencer then remarked his belief on the economic sustainability of the Game Pass by saying that “subscriptions allow you to have a continuous revenue stream and this is an extremely important thing for any business, which is added to the peaks in sales that are recorded That’s why I look to the future and think of a mix of these two approaches, it’s not about privilege one or excluding the other. In our business, we don’t just depend on a number. Retail sales, commercialized consoles, involvement in the Xbox and Windows ecosystem, Game Pass subscribers, players who stream the contents of xCloud… let’s look at all these factors to understand how business is going

With regard to the sustainability of your subscription service, Spencer recently stated that Xbox Game Pass is sustainable and good for business.

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