Xbox Game Pass: How Much Are All The Games Added To The Catalogue In 2021 Worth?

How much are all games included in Xbox Game Pass worth? The editorial staff of The Loadout has screened the catalogue of the well-known Xbox subscription service by comparing the prices of each title added in 2021 with those of the Microsoft Store, calculating the total value of the rich selection.

The report takes into account all the new games added in Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles during 2021, including titles like Psychonauts 2, Force Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, referring to the respective Micro prices The total value of the games arrived during the year in the famous subscription service reaches the incredible figure of $ 6.317.35.

The month that offered the games with the highest value in economic terms was March, period when the Xbox Game Pass catalog saw the arrival of the titles license plate Bethesda following Microsoft’s acquisition, for a total of 946, Excluding all other publishers, Bethesda’s games have reached a total value of $607,41. April was instead the month with less added value, reaching 330, 91 dollars total.

In short, if you consider the cost of the monthly subscription of Xbox Game Pass, the savings for players is really remarkable, net of the rich offer of the catalog. Meanwhile, the service has been enriched with new December titles already available.

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