Xbox Game Pass: Here Are The New Games Of November 18 Between Ufo, Monsters And Bananas

After taking care to launch Xbox Cloud Gaming on console with the latest Xbox One and X/S Series Update, Microsoft is filling the already huge gaming offer of the Game Pass to make room in its catalogue

Starting today, Thursday, November 18, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers see their range of interactive experiences accessible on PC and consoles enriched by the entry into the service of a quartet of really interesting and original titles.

To open the waltz of new games that can be enjoyed “free of charge” by the members of the Game Pass, Exo One, the intriguing “alien journey” to be made on board the flying saucer of the latest sandbox adventure signed by

The fans of role-playing action will then be happy to see the landing place on Xbox Game Pass in Undungeon, the roguelike adventure in pixel art by Laughing Machines and TinyBuild. The Game Pass’s playground today also welcomes the Fae Tactics turn-based GDR and the most insane and “bananous” shooter ever conceived by human mind: we are obviously referring to My Friend Pedro, To these, we add the interesting “indie space agency simulator” Next Space Rebels, available on Game Pass for PC, consoles and Cloud since Wednesday, November 17 and we strongly recommend you try if you are

From here to the end of the month, Microsoft’s subscription service catalog will also welcome Evil Genius 2, Deeeer Simulator and Mortal Shell. And this, to silence the real “vertical cruciate tsunami” that will crash on the Game Pass on December 8 with the very long-awaited arrival on PC, Xbox One and Series X/S of the Halo Infinite Campaign.

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