Xbox Game Pass Helps The Market, For Piscatella: ‘Amplified’ Effects On The Games Included

After Halo’s entry: Infinite in service, the last month of the year has not yet ended for the Microsoft home subscription, with new games coming in December 2021 on Xbox Game Pass.

Between Mortal Kombat XI and The Gunk, new entries are still numerous, for a total of a year notable for users who have used the subscription. Not surprisingly, many of the best games of 2021 identified by the Los Angeles Times, between Psychonauts 2 and The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti, are present in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue. But does the service help the gaming market or does it hinder its growth?

According to US analyst Matt Piscatella, Microsoft’s subscription has for the moment proved to be a great ally of the videogaming industry. For several reasons, says the scholar, the presence of a game in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue immediately amplifies its scope, bringing it to the attention of an audience that otherwise could never have passed in front of its window. An effect that leads to for example more sales of Xbox Game Pass games also on any other publishing platforms. Of course, the spotlights of the service can be a double-edged weapon, which can sink a production that is not very well received by subscribers.

What are the games you enjoyed most on Xbox Game Pass during 2021?

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