Xbox Game Pass: Destiny 2 Is Also There Beyond Light Among The Games Coming Out Of The Catalog

At the time of the announcement of the games coming on Xbox Game Pass at the end of November, the confirmation of the release of several PC titles, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S from the Microsoft subscription service catalog also comes.

The list of video games that will not be available “free of charge” by Xbox Game Pass subscribers in a few days’ time includes titles such as Call of the Sea, FIFA 19, Football Manager 2021, Hello Neighbor and Morkredd Without taking away anything from the games just mentioned, the most “noisy” abandonment seems to be that of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, the expansion of the Bungie shooter kolossal on which Microsoft decided last year to focus its campaign

But let’s go in order and get the full list of titles that, shortly after, will no longer be accessible by the Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox systems:

Games no longer available from 30 November

Call of the Sea – Cloud, Xbox and PC

FIFA 19 – Xbox and PC

Football Manager 2021 – PC

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition – Xbox and PC

Haven – Cloud, Xbox and PC

Hello Neighbor – Cloud, Xbox and PC

Morkredd – Cloud, Xbox and PC

Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – PC

Games no longer available from 8 December

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Cloud and Xbox

The advice we give to those who want to play the titles in question, therefore, is to recover them as soon as possible and, in case, to take advantage of their Xbox Game Pass subscription to get a fixed 20% discount for the purchase of the individual games concerned, before their

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