Xbox Game Pass, 2 New Games Available Today: From Space To Caves

After a week of truce, Microsoft returns to be interested in Xbox Game Pass by adding two new games to the catalog: from infinite space to deep caves, let’s discover together the innovations in store for all subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass

The Anacrusis Game Preview (Cloud, Xbox and PC)

Spelunky 2 (Cloud, Xbox and PC)

Today, the spotlight is all on The Anacrusis, since it debuts in the Xbox Game Pass catalog in its early access version (Game Preview) immediately on day-one. This is a first-person cooperative shooter for four players set on board a huge spaceship haunted by hordes of procedurally generated aliens. The four unlikely survivors – Nessa, Guion, Liu and Lance – have a wide variety of science-fiction weapons and gadgets, including stasis grenade and grenade shields. Spelunky 2, on the other hand, is a well-known roguelike platformer set on the Moon that invites its players to explore caves full of secrets, surprises and dangers of all sorts. You will know more by reading our review of Spelunky 2.

The Anacrusis and Spelunky 2 are the first wave of January games for Xbox Game Pass, which means we can expect the announcement of the second one at any moment, probably at the beginning of next week. We know for a fact that Hitman Trilogy will also be inside, a collection including Hitman 3 and all the missions of the first two chapters. In any case, know, As long as we are there, we remind you that Saturday 15 January will be removed from the catalog six games, namely Desperados III (Cloud, Xbox and PC), Ghost of a Tale (PC), Kingdom Hearts

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