Xbox Celebrates Its 20Th Anniversary: The Cake Could Not Be Missing!

Pending the special event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, the Verdacious leaders decided to anticipate the celebrations, with a rich private party.

Larry Hyrb, who opens a glimpse of the celebrations from his official Twitter account, tells some of the background. As you can verify at the bottom of this new, in particular, the Xbox management was able to count on a greedy theme. The party participants, organized in full compliance with the regulations of containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, have in fact been able to enjoy a colossal cake shaped like Xbox! The replica of the console reproposes every detail of the twenty-year hardware, including the ethernet port. What do you think, you wanted to taste it?

At the moment, the Microsoft team has offered no clue about what the titles will be on stage of the event. Waiting for tomorrow’s evening, Monday, November 15, there are still rumors about it, including a possible surprise launch of Halo’s multiplayer: Infinite. To learn more, just wait a few more hours, with the live for the 20th birthday of Xbox that will start at 19:00 point of the Italian time zone. Ready for the celebrations?

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