Xbox At Work To Improve Capture And Sharing On X Series X Plus And One

2021 was a great year for Xbox, with the statement of Game Pass, the expansion of cloud gaming, the celebrations for the 20th anniversary and the unexpected early launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer, which is the first time that the newcomer Team Xbox, however, does not intend to sit on its laurels.

The Xbox ecosystem still has room for improvement, as Jason Ronald admitted. During the last episode of the Iron Lords Podcast, the Director of Project Management of the house admitted that the video capture and sharing capabilities of Xbox One and Series X

Fortunately, technicians are already working on a number of functionality improvements, which should be made available in the coming months. “For us it is an absolute priority,” Ronald confessed, who also took advantage of it to highlight the fundamental role of the community, which with its feedback is a real driving force for future system updates. In this regard, he invited players to join the Insider program, the best way they can make their voices heard.

The latest Xbox Series X-S and One system update, remember, arrived on November 17 by enhancing accessibility options, improving audio and reducing latency of Xbox One, Elite Series 2 and Ada controllers

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