Xbox App And Microsoft Store As Steam: Games Will Be Installed In Any Folder

Microsoft tries to meet the requests of its users by announcing an important change regarding Xbox App and its online Store. Redmond’s giant has revealed that, at last, games purchased on Microsoft Store or downloaded via Xbox Game Pass for PC will be freely installed in any folder you want.

The novelty will make life easier for users, who have often had problems with the platform due to the restrictions of access to the WindowsApp folder and the impossibility to manage the allocation of games and mods at will. Greater accessibility that helps the store to approach the Steam and models, which allow for free installation of games and content, and simplify file backup operations.

According to sources with which The Verge has been contacted, the change would be part of a broader internal test on which Microsoft is continuing to work to further improve and enrich the features of the marketplace.

“With great PC games like Back 4 Blood, Age of Empires IV, Force Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite on day one on the Game Pass, we wanted to provide players with more options to customize their experience in “We will continue to share updates as we launch additional features.”

It is likely that the full update of Xbox App and Microsoft Store will arrive in time for December 8, when Halo Infinite will finally be available.

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