Xbox + Activision: Negotiation Started At The End Of 2021, Microsoft Has Assessed The Harassment Case

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head Gaming, revealed some behind-the-scenes on the resounding negotiation of the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard which inevitably changes the market balance.

Spencer revealed that discussions with Activision began in late 2021, and that Microsoft was very careful to assess the delicate situation of Bobby Kotick’s company after the recent harassment charges against several of its executives.

“We spent time with the Activision team evaluating episodes, examining employee surveys and then discussing their projects, both about the progress they were already making and about future plans.”

Spencer then pointed out that Microsoft will not be involved in the processes that it will face Activision. This was a key point for Xbox’s home, which wanted to take all the precautions before finally proposing the deal: “We had to look at that future plan and make sure we could act with confidence.”

Spencer commented on the initiatives with which Activision employees have joined in protesting the emergence of harassment and discrimination scandals within the company: “I’ll be honest, I don’t have much personal experience with the unions. I’ve been working in Microsoft for 33 years. So I’m not going to try to pass as an expert on the subject, but we’ll talk about what allows them to do their job at their best, which – as you can imagine in a creative industry – is the most important thing for us.”

Phil Spencer recently confirmed that Call of Duty franchise will continue to exist on PlayStation.

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