Xbox, A Revolutionary Console: Let’s Rediscover It For The 20Th Anniversary

Our tech section celebrated the 20th anniversary of Xbox in its own way: rediscovering and analyzing the hardware of the first Microsoft console, which in 2001 proved to be revolutionary.

Before the launch of Xbox, the console market was completely in the hands of the great Japanese manufacturers. Although Microsoft was already close to gaming with its Windows operating system (relevant was the integration of DirectX into Windows 95 SDK), interest in the video game market really grew only on the occasion of the PlayStation presentation Sony’s move triggered a little alarm bell in Microsoft, which didn’t want to see his cars relegated to work environments alone.

Bill Gates initially proposed to Sony a partnership for the provision of operating systems for gaming machines. After the refusal, he decided to do his own thing, unleashing his engineers and programmers (the same ones who developed DirectX) and collaborating with other companies like WebTV, already experts in hardware production. Curious to find out the rest of Microsoft’s first console story? Then read our Xbox retrospective or watch Video Analysis in the news opening.

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