Xbox: 20Th Anniversary Controller Hide A Tribute To Duke

In addition to containing a message written by Phil Spencer, it seems that the controller dedicated to the 20 years of Xbox also hides a small and nice tribute to the Duke, the historic and unforgettable pad that accompanied the debut of the first home console

To bring out the curious tribute of Microsoft to Duke was a reddit user, who posted the demo video at the bottom of the news. As you can see, by using a UV lamp and directing it towards the 20th anniversary controller box, you can bring out the shape of the gargantuesco pad that the early adopters of the first Xbox will certainly not struggle to recognize. A small easter egg that is easy to let go, but that certainly adds value to this special edition of the controller.

In his early days, the Duke was not actually so positively welcomed by the users, discontented by the exaggeratedly generous size of the pad. Over time, however, the controller has become a real cult object, and all Xbox fans remember it today with special affection.

Recently, Peter Moore and Aaron Greenberg revealed behind-the-scenes on Duke and Microfost’s decisions with the design of his iconic controller.

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