Wukong Arrives On Ps5, But It’s Not Black Myth: A Fun Action Platform

To the surprise of his own authors, Black Myth Wukong’s announcement literally inflamed the video gaming community during 2021. The promising Action doesn’t have an output date yet, but a Wukong is still available on Sony hardware.

We are talking about a fun Action Platform, born from the creative forges of the PlayStation Talents program, through which the Japanese giant offers support to independent teams. Developed by A Tale of A Game, Wukong certainly does not have the ambitions of the aforementioned Black Myth: Wukong, but the premises are the same, for an adventure strongly linked to traditional Chinese mythology.

The title has its roots in the famous “The Journey to the West,” a legendary work that has formed the source of inspiration for an incalculable review of creative productions, including video games, novels and comics. Among the latter, we can mention the Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama, but also the Saiyuki by the author Kazuya Minekura. At the center of the scene of Wukong we find the Monkey King, ready to face an epic adventure alongside the player, supported as tradition by his golden flying cloud and a powerful enchanted stick.

With an aesthetic with a cartoon style and an accessible level of challenge, Wukong qualifies as an Action Platform particularly suitable for grass players. For all details, please refer to our review of Wukong, now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. As always, you will find the movie in the opening to this news, but also on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye: enjoy!

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