Wronged Us, Trailer For The Creepy Adventure Horror: Open World And Mysteries

A small town and disturbing apparitions of headless people on top of a hill. To season the whole, threatening characters and strange phenomena, for a new survival horror with an open world structure.

This is the concept behind Wronged Us, an independent production announced by the developers of Delusional Studio. Officially presented with the gameplay trailer that you can view directly in the opening of this news, the dark adventure promises to wrap players in a disturbing spiral of madness and fear, to live alternating stages puzzles, explorations

Expected on PCs and consoles still unidentified (presumably PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Plus), Wronged Us is a survival horror with third-person view and strong cinematic installation. The first trailer published, made with different builds of the title, aims to offer a first taste of the atmospheres and mechanics of gameplay, but, says Delusional Studio, the path to the completion of the project is still quite long In particular, the development of Wronged Us will require at least one and a half years of work, with the exit therefore postponed at least to the forwarded 2023.

From now on, however, the project seems to have some interesting suggestions: what does it look like about this first gameplay trailer by Wronged Us?

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