Wonder Woman Only Next Jan: Monolith Brings The Firebird Engine To Ps5, Xbox Series X And Pc

After giving life to the imagination of The Lord of the Rings, the team of Monolith Productions is preparing to propose to the video gamers a proper declination of the most famous heroine of the DC house.

With Wonder Woman’s announce trailer presented at The Game Awards 2021, software house has revealed its new project, which we now learn is the exclusive prerogative of new generation hardware.

To reveal it, they are two work ads published by the software house and addressed respectively to a Senior Audio Software Engineer and a Senior Engine Generalist. As you can see at the bottom, within the latter there is explicit reference to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC as Wonder Woman target platforms. The adventure with the protagonist Diana Prince, is also specified in one of the ads, will be realized with the Firebird Engine, the proprietary graphic engine of Monolith Productions.

These additional pieces of information enrich the production picture, after the development team had already formalized several details on the features of Wonder Woman’s video game. The latter, we remember, will be in particular a completely single player and open world structure, in which the already appreciated Nemesis System of Shadow of Mordor will make its return to the stage.

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