Wolf Among Us 2: When Will We Know More? Telltale Promises News

Telltale Games has returned to talk about herself during the 2021 Game Awards thanks to the announcements of The Expanse: A Telltale Series, revealed in the pre-show of the event, and Star Trek Resurgeance, new adventure

The development house, however, did not bring on stage The Wolf Among Us 2, of which we still have very little information. As it is natural that it is, fans have been concerned about the health of the project, but Telltale has promptly intervened to reassure players: The Wolf Among Us 2 will soon be back to show, and new details will be shared shortly by the team of

“To all our fantastic fans of The Wolf Among Us 2 out there: we want to assure you that we will have something for you,” says the twitter at the bottom. “Unfortunately, we didn’t meet with the Game Awards timing.” Telltale then advised to keep an eye on the contents of the next issue of Game Informer, which will probably include the game news.

Following the death and resurrection of Telltale Games, the development of The Wolf Among Us is broken down from scratch. Understandable, then, that the study is taking as long as it takes before showing something to the public. Remember that the title has not yet received any launch window.

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