Witchfire’s Missing From Radars But He’ll Be Back To Show Next Week.

Witchfire’s we don’t know anything since early 2020, the latest concrete updates on the game date back to February two years ago, then the project completely disappeared from the spotlight, probably also due to the difficulties related to the Coronavirus emergency, but now

Surprise is the team The Astronauts (author of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter) updated the Twitter profile of the game with a short video of five seconds that anticipates the arrival of interesting news about the game. Developers let us know that next week they will talk in depth about Witchfire revealing the release date, the gameplay features and “other interesting things,” so we just have to wait to learn more.

The Witchfire was announced in 2017 with release scheduled for 2018 and later in 2020, but the game has not yet released and over the years the updates have been reduced to light, The Astronauts has worked hard and now the team is

In a few days, a new Witchfire trailer will probably be released with the release date and we hope to see some gameplay sequence as well.

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