Witchfire Is Finally Back: Available In Early Access In 2022, The Authors Speak

He seemed to be missing from radar, but the Astronauts guys confirmed that Witchfire would be back on the show this week. Developers were in the middle of the word, revealing interesting details that break a silence that went on for two years.

Many information are shared by the authors about their shooter with elements both Soulslike and Roguelite announced in 2017: among the most important, confirmation that Witchfire will be available in Early Access on PC starting from Q4 2022 The authors did not want to give a more precise date as they are still not 100% sure that they can meet the set window, although the goal is to meet the set deadline. Therefore, a final release date for the full game has not yet been decided, and it is still unclear on which platforms it will actually see the light.

In apologizing for the very rare updates on the title in recent years, The Astronaut has also shown new images of the settings and held a Q&A session with fans, revealing further details about the work: in addition to confirming the complete disinterest in There will be only one level of difficulty and you will be able to upgrade all the weapons present in the game.

On the technical front, finally, the authors confirm that the title is made with Unreal Engine 4 and that they are interested in implementing RTX/DLSS, but only if they can actually improve the performance of the game.

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