Will Xbox Game Pass Welcome Ubisoft Plus Soon? The Official Denial Comes

Perhaps according to the doubts generated by the exchange of social jokes between Ubisoft and Microsoft that preceded the reveal of Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass and Ubisoft Plus on Xbox, the French company believes it must s

Reconnecting to one of the many questions asked by users after the announcement of the day one entry of Rainbow Six Extraction in the ludotheque of the titles available “free” by the members of the Game Pass both on PC and on systems

The clarification of the transalpine videogaming giant thus puts a brake on the riddle of rumored rumored on the net in recent months on the arrival of Ubisoft Plus on Xbox Game Pass, with rumor and have intensified until and

A few minutes before the reveal, in fact, the curators of social media of Ubisoft and Xbox Game Pass captured the attention of the community with a singular exchange of posts that alluded to the arrival of important surprises that would have interested, precisely, the However, only with time will we understand whether the partnership between Microsoft and Ubisoft just strengthened will favor the future entry into the Game Pass of a greater number of titles of the French company.

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