Will Super Mario Odyssey 2 Be Revealed Soon? Sonic Frontiers’ Reveal Raises A Leak

The official presentation of Sonic Frontiers during the 2021 Game Awards indirectly boosts anticipations regarding Super Mario Odyssey 2 shared by a leader in 2019 on the controversial 4Chan forum.

Nintendo’s self-deep “gola” claims to have participated, together with high Kyoto home testers, in a questionnaire on the games in development for Switch at the Japanese company and third parties.

The questionnaire, in his opinion, included numerous cards with multiple choice questions and “pleasing values” on the different features of video games not yet revealed by Nintendo and his trading partners. Two cards were about the next chapter of the Sonic saga platformer and the sequel to Super Mario Odyssey.

The information shared by the leader on the new epoch of blue porcupine received a timely feedback with the Sonic Frontiers reveal, as in the open world nature of the title and, above all, in the choice of the setting (the Islands

The detailed anticipations on Sonic Frontiers have thus prompted the community to resume the leak to dwell on the rumors about Super Mario Odyssey 2. The survey shared by the self-appointed anonymous informant specifies that the Odyssey sequel should comprise a total of 20 locations, with activities to be carried out in the company of Luigi thanks to the presence of a cooperative mode (multiplayer and local) that crosses

In the hope of ascertaining as soon as possible the truthfulness of these anticipations, we refer you to Shigeru Miyamoto’s latest statements on the need to dare more with the gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey 2 for Switch.

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