Will Steam Deck Be Sent Back? Valve Reassures The Fans Of The Portable Console

As the optimization work continues on Steam Deck games like Half-Life 2, DOTA 2 and CS:GO, Valve representatives take part on the pages of PCGamer.com to reassure all those who look forward to the launch of the console

Despite the continuing crisis of semiconductors and the chronic problems associated with the finding of chips and components necessary to assemble the most performing electronic devices, the American technological giant looks with confidence to the future and reiterates its intention not to further shift the distribution of the first models of

During an interview with PCGamer.com by Greg Coomer, Valve’s designer discussed the topic and specified that “we are optimistic and feel we are on track to launch Steam Deck in February. Of course, we are still sorry that we have not managed to achieve the goal we had set ourselves and that we could not deliver the first Decks already by this end 2021, but all the signals we are receiving indicate that we will be able to provide for the shipment

To listen to Valve’s exponent, therefore, the estimates of shipment of the portable console remain unchanged compared to the times announced by the company led by Gabe Newell in November of this year, with the delay of Steam Deck

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