Will Star Wars Kotor Remake Have More Combat Systems Inspired By God Of War And Nioh?

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake is a dream that has come true for many players who were eagerly waiting for a return of the RPG Ski-Fi originally made by BioWare. However, the information on the game is still few, and we do not know how much experience will prove different in this remake.

Insider and videogaming journalist Jeff Grubb has predicted a change in the Star Wars KOTOR Remake combat system, and many people imagine a system based fully on real-time action. According to YouTuber Lacry (who correctly anticipated some information about the project), it seems that the title could present more than one game mode.

According to sources Lacry has been in contact with, Aspyr Media developers, at work on remake, have been inspired by games like God of War (2018) and Nioh to create separate combat systems. Considering the nature of the old system that operated partly in real time and partly in shifts, the YouTuber thought that at least one of the two combat systems could approach games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Dragon Age Inquisition

At the moment we are not allowed to know more, and we invite you as usual to wait for official information on this. Remember that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic will be released on the exclusive launch on PlayStation 5, and later on PC.

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