Will Star Wars Eclipse Be Inspired By The Last Of Us? New Rumors

At the 2021 Game Awards we had a first taste of Star Wars Eclipse developed by Quantic Dream. The new adventure set in the distant galaxy will have a strong narrative component, with players who will have to make important decisions over the course of history that will placate the evolution of the story.

For the rest, however, at the moment the information on the new game of the French studio is rather limited: we know just that a first prototype of Star Wars Eclipse dates back to 2018 and that therefore it is already in processing for a long time (although Quant But the Insider AccNGT reveals some additional information about the project, although to be taken for the time being with the calipers.

AccNGT provides some details about Quantic Dream’s entire organization: the Parisian division is working on all the creative aspects of the game such as motion capture, narrative and settings, while the Montreal branch is focused on the playful aspects related to the game. The main objective of the company is to best mix a strong narrative component with “memorable” sequences of action, which is why several different studies are working in synergy to ensure the achievement of this purpose.

The last consideration of the insider is also the most cryptic one: for the development of Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream was inspired by The Last of Us. However, AccNGT has not in any way deepened this aspect, which remains rather vague: if it really was inspired by the classic Naughty Dog, in what way and in what context? All you have to do is wait for future details about the new title focused on Star Wars.

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