Will Skylanders Be Back Thanks To Microsoft? Bobby Kotick Of Activision Does Not Exclude It

As we know, Microsoft has bought Activision for 70 billion dollars, thus becoming the owner of the company’s countless brands as well as those of Blizzard and King. This means that even long-standing names are now owned by Microsoft, which may decide to bring them back to the stage.

For example, Skylanders, whose last episode, Skylanders Imaginators, dates back to 2016. During an interview with VentureBeat, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick spoke, among other things, about this series and how Microsoft could possibly decide to resusumarate it. A similar speech that Kotick himself made about a possible return of Guitar Hero to Xbox, although obviously there is no certainty at this point.

“I had a very interesting vision of what the next Guitar Hero would be like, but I realized we didn’t have the resources to do it. And the same goes for Skylanders,” says Kotick, who deepens the question: “One of the greatest disappointments of my career is that many others have come with horrible alternatives, put them on the market and basically destroyed the market for this. If you look at Skylanders, with its entire assembly line in terms of production and hardware, it is a type of game that we would not have managed to do on our own. But now with Microsoft we could.”

Just like Guitar Hero, therefore, Kotick leaves the door open for the possible return of Skylanders, although Microsoft will in the future make the final decision on this matter. Could the show really come back?

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