Will Playstation Vr2 Be Compatible Only With Ps5 Or Even With Ps4?

This year, the ESC stage hosted announcements dedicated to the latest in electronics. As for the gaming industry, the focus was on the PlayStation VR2, but there seems to be doubts about its retrocompatibility. Will Sony’s new headset be exploited on PS4 systems? Let’s find out together.

During this official presentation, the device was described by referring exclusively to the new consoles. Having been literally called the “Next Generation VR System for PS5,” it’s natural to believe that it will have nothing to do with the past. The reason for this limit is probably to be blamed for technical progress, as the new viewer will present too advanced features even for the PS4 Pro models.

Before reporting the most important, in case you want to go into the subject, we invite you to discover the technical specifications of the PlayStation VR2 and Sense controllers.

2000 x 2040 pixels per eye

OLED display

Up to 120Hz refresh rate

Tracking based on internal and external detection, with four integrated chambers

Eye tracking system

Approximate field of view of 110°

In conclusion, we remind you that we do not have any certainty from the software point of view, with Sony not confirming whether PlayStation VR2 will be compatible with first generation VR games.

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